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Last update: 7 July 2023
Team Sparly

We who work with Sparly have broad knowledge and deep insight into banking & finance, data analysis, consumer insights and software development.

We are passionate about equality, sustainability and financial inclusion and therefore we started Sparly.

  • Jazgul Ismailova
    Co-founder & Ceo
  • Jesper Pipping
    CTO & Co-founder
  • Linnéa Källgård
    CPO & Co-founder
  • Dmitry Timofeev
    Front-end developer
  • Evelin Laht
    UX Designer
  • Sono Saito
    Social Media Intern
  • Peter Strömberg
    Advisory Board Member
  • Oskar Gabrielson
    Advisory Board Member
  • Sofie Kastelli
    UI & UX intern
  • Nuoting Shen
    UI & UX intern
Sparly is supported by
    KTH Innovation
    Impact Invest
    Stockholms stad
    The Flemingsberg Science Foundation
    Startup Sweden
    venture cup
    The One Initiative
    Microsoft for Startups